SunCoCHEM in a nutshell

Carbon-neutral production of energy and high-value chemicals

SunCoChem project addresses the need of the European Chemical Industry to reduce their dependence on carbon feedstock by producing highly competitive and integrated solutions enabling the carbon-neutral production of energy and high-value chemicals.

SunCoChem will provide a solution based on a competitive tandem photoelectrocatalytic reactor to efficiently produce oxo-products from solar energy and CO2 emissions from the European Chemical Industries. This will be achieved by process intensification coupling a solar-driven carbon dioxide reduction to CO/water oxidation to O2 with CC bond carbonylation reaction catalysed by novel multifunctional hybrid photoelectrocatalysts.

The project will deliver materials with improved catalytic performance from cheap and earth–abundant raw building block with application in the solar-driven chemistry to produce chemicals by using renewable energy (sunlight) and renewable carbon sources (CO2).

Solar energy

Direct exploitation and utilization of solar energy

Circular economy

Revalorisation of industrial waste streams and by-products

Sustainable chemistry

Improved chemical energy conversion efficiency

CO2 reduction

Energy saving and CO2 emissions reduction

SUncochem ambition

Our goal is to provide a sustainable alternative for the production of traditionally fossil-based chemicals by using sunlight as an energy source and reusing CO2 as a raw material in a circular economy approach


An alternative route for oxo-products production

The project’s ambition is to develop and scale up, from TRL3 to TRL5, a self-biased and cost-effective TPER technology with a high flexibility and a modular approach for the solar-driven CO2 conversion and CO-carbonylation of chemical precursors to oxo-products.

SunCoChem will develop new concepts and advanced designs of hybrid photoelectrocatalysts and a tandem photoelectrocatalytic reactor with an innovative approach that will allow CO2 capture and conversion in a single unit.

photoelectrocatalytic reactor


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SunCoChem consortium is made up of 14 partners from 8 different European countries

with extensive experience in hybrid nanostructured materials organometallics and photoelectrocatalysts, membrane contactors for CO2 capture processes, cathodic and PE-cathodic and anodic elements, advanced electron microscopy characterisation, novel ILs and TBM,

researching on photoelectrodes, electrocatalysts, PEcats, ILs and TPER design, engineering and manufacturing.

acting as potential end-users of the technology.

for advanced in situ XPS characterisations of photocathodes and benchmarking the PEcats and TPER efficiency.

for standardisation.